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Testing of chainsaws

Machines in Europe must comply with the basic health and safety requirements of the EU Machinery Directive. For a chainsaw that falls under Annex IV of the Machinery Directive, additional requirements apply. SMP is accredited to perform EC-type examinations and testing in this area.


SMP is accredited by SWEDAC and has been conducting testing of chainsaws in this field for 25 years as a notified body and testing laboratory. However, testing of chainsaws has been an active part of our business since 1918. We participate at the EU level in the work of interpreting and revising harmonized standards for portable chainsaws for wood, and therefore have extensive expertise in this field.


As part of an EC-type examination, we test and assess the machine to determine if it meets the requirements. The results are compiled in a test report. Typically, the manufacturer sends the chainsaw to SMP for testing, according to a number of testing procedures necessary to demonstrate compliance with all requirements. The requirements apply to chainsaws intended for forestry work or tree pruning, regardless of the power source.


The test report

Anders Sandberg

Test leader


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Testing of chainsaws


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