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Noise from outdoor equipment according to the Noise Directive 2000/14/EC.

Direktiv 2000/14/EG om buller i miljön från utomhusutrustning, ställer krav på ett stort antal maskinslag och annan utrustning som anses kunna störa omgivningen. Vissa maskinslag har gränskrav som skall uppfyllas medan övriga omnämnda maskinslag har krav på att man deklarerar den garanterade ljudnivån.


The service involves conducting recurring inspections at the customer's site and preparing reports for certification according to point 5 of Annex VI to the directive for equipment covered by the noise limit value. The documentation is stored for a minimum of 10 years.

These noise requirements are part of the conditions for CE marking and involve third-party assessment by a notified body for products where a noise limit is specified. This provides market access in Europe.


The service involves SMP undertaking the review and approval of your documentation for noise labeling. The content requirements for the documentation are outlined in Annexes 6 and 7 of the directive.

SMP conducts recurring inspections at the required intervals to enable manufacturers to continuously CE mark and deliver reviewed products.

By engaging a third party, you can minimize risk. SMP's specialists inspect both the machinery and the technical documentation and issue a compliance report with the directive.


SMP issues a report (certificate) when the documentation can be approved. Annex 6, which specifies the conditions for mass-produced products, also includes follow-ups to ensure that later manufactured products also comply with the documentation and the information in the certificate. The results of the follow-up are summarized in a report. Annex 7 specifies the conditions for individual (non-series) products.

Anders Sandberg

Test leader

Stefan Frisk

Senior certifier


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Noise from outdoor equipment according to the Noise Directive, 2000/14/EC.


Sound measurement equipment.

Measurement range

Sound and vibration.


CE marking / Notified Body



Field mesaurements



EN 3744, ISO 11094, ISO 6395, ISO 6396


2023 pricing:

  • Annual base fee: 55,900 SEK
  • Fee for each issued report: 5,000 SEK

The base fee and report fee are annually adjusted based on the index according to AKI for manufacturing industry employees.


Delivery time

Time for execution of the assignment as agreed. The report will be sent within three weeks after SMP Maskinsäkerhet has received the necessary documents.


Develop technical specifications and test reports in accordance with the requirements of Annex 6 or 7 of the directive.