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EU-type examination of protective clothing for chainsaw work

As a notified body, we are accredited to the quality standard ISO 17065 and issue EU-type examination certificates according to EU Regulation 2016/425 (PPE), modules B and C2. Our notification covers protective clothing for chainsaw work, such as protective trousers/leg protectors, protective jackets, protective gloves, protective boots, and protective shoes.


We have extensive and deep experience in safety work with chainsaws and protective clothing, and we have been a notified body for both for 25 years. For the past year, the PPE Regulation has been included in our accreditation, and we have both national and international clients.

When working with chainsaws, personal protective equipment is required to reduce the risk of serious accidents. The same applies to high-visibility protective clothing. These protective equipment must meet certain requirements to provide the desired level of protection.

Our accreditation also covers high-visibility protective clothing (hi-vis clothing) as well as hand and arm protection against mechanical risks.

We also perform ongoing production control (module C2) of chainsaw protective clothing in Category III.

Only EU-type-approved protective equipment of this type may be marketed and sold on the European market.


EU-typkontrollen (modul B) innebär granskning av tillverkarens tekniska konstruktionsunderlag (exempelvis materialdata, bruksanvisning, märkning, provningsrapporter, riskanalyser, etc.) mot kraven i bland annat EN ISO 20471, EN ISO 13688, EN 420 och EN 388 och resulterar i en typkontrollrapport.

Den årliga produktionskontrollen av sågskyddskläder (Kategori III), enligt förordningens modul C2, utförs av oss med slumpvis intervall.

EU-typkontroll (certifiering) av personlig skyddsutrustning för motorsågsarbete och god synbarhet sker i Umeå.


The EU-type examination (module B) involves reviewing the manufacturer's technical design documentation (such as material data, user instructions, labeling, test reports, risk analyses, etc.) against the requirements of standards such as EN ISO 20471, EN ISO 13688, EN 420, and EN 388, and results in a type examination report.

The annual production control of chainsaw protective clothing (Category III), according to the regulation's module C2, is performed by us at random intervals.

The EU-type examination (certification) of personal protective equipment for chainsaw work and high-visibility takes place in Umeå.

Stefan Frisk

Senior certifier

Anders Larsson

Certifier and testing engineer


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EU type examination of protective clothing for chainsaw work.


CE-märkning / Anmält organ


CE marking / Notified Body


EN 20471, EN 13688, EN 388, EN 420, EN ISO 11393-2, EN ISO 11393-3, EN ISO 11393-4, EN ISO 11393-6, EN 381-5, EN 381-7, EN 381-11, EN ISO 17249


Price is provided upon request for EU type examination, EU type examination certificate, and annual product control.

Delivery time

The EU type examination is typically reported within four weeks from the receipt of complete technical documentation.


The customer needs to prepare and submit the technical documentation (material data, user manual, labeling, test reports, risk assessments, etc.) along with a sample of the personal protective equipment and a request for EU type examination.