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Environmental control

We assist in monitoring environmental requirements in procurement of contracts, including construction, graffiti removal, snow removal, and green areas. The control is based on the specified requirements in the procurement, such as the joint provisions of major cities and the Swedish Transport Administration, "Common Environmental Requirements in Procurement Contracts".


Most municipalities and other procurers not only require compliance with the contract itself but also consideration for the environment in various aspects of the work.

Ensuring that environmental requirements are truly met can often be challenging to verify. This is where SMP can assist, as we have expertise in conducting field inspections through our inspection services.


The service is performed in the field and can be either planned or unannounced.

An environmental control can include:

  • Review of the contractor's systematic environmental work, such as environmental policy, environmental plan, environmental work procedures, deviation management, etc.
  • Identification, documentation, and assessment of machinery and vehicles at the worksite regarding emission requirements, fuel consumption, hydraulic oils, and the risk of spills.
  • Verification of personnel's and machinery operators' environmental competence and awareness of the environmental requirements of the assignment.
  • Sampling and analysis of hydraulic fluids and fuels, such as FAME, RME, HVO, and other renewable fuels, in machinery and vehicles at the worksite.
  • Any additional requirements imposed by the client.


The results are presented in a protocol and in a test report.


Ulrik Norrå

Environmental controller


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Environmental Control - Monitoring of Environmental Requirements in Contractor Procurement


Chemical and Biological Analysis

Field measurments



ISO 14000


Price on tender

Delivery time

The delivery time depends on the scope of work, but typically the results can be reported within three weeks after the completion of the field inspection.


An agreement will be made regarding the scope of the environmental control, including the specific checkpoints and locations to be visited.