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EG type approval of presses

When a manufacturer chooses not to fully comply with the harmonized standards or apply complete quality assurance during the CE marking of a press for cold working of metals, as defined in Annex 4 of the Machinery Directive, the requirement for EG type approval applies. SMP is a notified body and can perform EG type approvals in this area.


SMP is accredited by SWEDAC and has been a notified body performing EG type approvals in the field of presses for cold working of metals for 25 years. We actively participate at the EU level in interpreting and revising harmonized standards for presses, ensuring extensive expertise in the field.

Interpreting whether the requirements of the standard are met can be challenging. With us as your advisory partner, you minimize the risk of encountering issues related to the CE marking of your products in Sweden or other parts of Europe. The requirement for EG type approval applies to presses where the manufacturer has chosen alternative technical and safety solutions that deviate from the guidance provided by the harmonized standard, which is primarily advisory in nature, or when a harmonized standard is absent. The Machinery Directive governs the conditions for EG type approval under Article 2, paragraphs 3 and 4.


During an EG type approval, we assess whether the press, as well as the documentation describing the press, meets the requirements for CE marking. We will visit your chosen location and conduct an inspection of the press.


After the inspection, we will prepare a type approval report that outlines any identified deficiencies in the press and documentation. Once all the identified issues have been addressed, you will receive a certificate of EG type approval, confirming that the press is approved. Subsequently, you can proceed with CE marking and issue an EG declaration of conformity.

Stefan Frisk

Senior certifier

Peter Holmgren

Senior engineer


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To apply for EC type examination of machinery, please contact any of the individuals below for more information



EC type examination of presses, with manual loading or unloading, for cold metal working.


CE marking / Notified Body




Price on tender

Delivery time

Time for completion of the assignment will be determined through agreement. The assignment will be reported within three weeks after the completion of the type inspection.


In order for us to perform an EC type examination, it is required that the press is complete and operational, and that documentation according to Annex 7 of the Machinery Directive is available.