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Machine Safety and CE Marking

Machines in Europe must comply with the essential health and safety requirements of the EU Machinery Directive. The manufacturer declares conformity by affixing the CE marking.

Machine builders, machine users, and selling companies across the European Union are affected by the Machinery Directive. It can be challenging to find the appropriate European standard or conduct a risk analysis and compile the technical documentation for CE marking.

RISE is familiar with current technical solutions for machine safety and understands the requirements of regulations and standards. We assist with risk analyses, machine evaluations, testing of safety functions, and functional testing.

Notified Body

As a Notified Body, SMP can issue EC type-examination certificates. SMP is recognized as a notified body for safety components according to Annex IV of the Machinery Directive. You conduct type testing on logic units such as control systems and safety modules. This expertise is valuable in ensuring the conformity and safety of machinery in compliance with the directive.

Independent evaluation

SMP's independent evaluations can be part of the technical documentation required for manufacturers to CE mark their products. The CE mark indicates that the manufacturer believes that all the essential safety requirements of all applicable directives have been met.

We work on issues related to CE marking of machines and production lines, and we are also happy to customize training and safety reviews according to our customers' needs.


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