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Safety inspection and control of lifting devices and appliances

A lifting device is manufactured to be used while lifting and lowering loads. All machine-driven lifting devices that lift more than 500 kg must be inspected regularly, e.g. by SMP. Lifting appliance is a component or equipment that isn't mounted on the lifting device but is located between the load and the lifting gear.


Requirements of lifting devices and appliances

Lifting devices and lifting appliances used must be CE marked and meet the requirements of the regulations on machines (AFS 2008: 3) The Machinery Directive (2006/42 / EC).

The Swedish Work Environment Authority's (Arbetsmiljöverket) regulations state which requirements must be met for lifting devices and lifting appliances, see e.g. AFS 2006:6 Användning av lyftanordningar och lyftredskap External link. (Use of lifting devices and lifting equipment), AFS 2006:5 Användning av truckar External link. (Use of trucks), AFS 2006:4 Användning av arbetsutrustning External link. (Use of work equipment) and och AFS 2020:1 Arbetsplatsens utformning External link. (Workplace design).

Lifting devices

A lifting device is a device which is made for lifting and lowering a load. All machine-driven lifting devices that lift more than 500 kg must be inspected regularly by an accredited inspection body, such as SMP Svensk Maskinprovning.

Lifting appliances

A lifting appliance is components or equipment that aren't mounted on the lifting device and that are placed either between the lifting device and the load or on the load to connect it, see the definitions in AFS 2006: 6 Användning av lyftanordningar och lyftredskap (Use of lifting devices and lifting appliances).


Security check

Pallet forks are an example of lifting objects that we preform safely inspections on. Such an inspection includes compliance with the regulations, with the help of visual inspection, but also magnet powder testing on exposed parts is included. There are also lifting objects that we inspect in connection with inspection of other objects, such as hooks, ropes and chains. There are many other lifting objects that we can perform safety inspections on, such as lifting chains and concrete block lifting equipment.

No matter where your lifting device or lifting appliance is located, a TIC (Testing inspection and certification) or inspection engineer from our nationwide organization can come to it and perform the safety inspection as agreed. Before leaving, you have received information about what has been noted in the protocol and a sticker showing when it's time for the next security inspection.

Other inspections

In order to make it smooth and efficient for you, we can perform several inspections at once, e.g. a registered wheel loader with a crane jib can be inspected with regards to several regulations at once; the Swedish Transport Agency, Fire Protection Association and the Swedish Work Environment Authority, while we also carry out a safety inspection on the loader's pallet forks.

When you talk to your inspection engineer, take the opportunity to ask about inspection needs or inspection requirements for other equipment or machines that you have or that are in the workplace.


Inspection protocol and decal

The inspection report that you receive after the inspection has been completed contains information about the object that has been inspected, what has been inspected and the remarks in cases where there is one. Feel free to take the opportunity to talk to your inspection engineer after inspection to find out a little more about what emerged during the inspection.

The protocol is an important document and must be stored so that it is available at the workplace where the machine is located when the Swedish Work Environment Authority comes for inspection. For this reason, it is on the protocol that you must date and sign when you have rectified your remarks.

Inspection interval

For objects that are subject to inspection according to AFS 2003: 6, it applies that they have a regular inspection month. In the case of objects where we perform a security check and refer to other AFSs, the usual interval is 1 year. In between, however, self-checks and other documentation of your lifting object may be required.

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Safety inspection and control of lifting devices and appliances; AFS 2008:3, 2006:6, 2006:5, 2006:4, 2020:1


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